Reward Gateway is the new name for Asperity Employee Benefits

We believe your employees need to take back control over their finances today, so they can have a happier, healthier, and more secure tomorrow.


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Reward Gateway helps your employees develop better spending habits today to ensure they are in a better financial situation for the future.

Over 50%

of employees do not have an emergency fund of at least $2,000.

70% of employees

are not planning correctly day to day or for retirement.

52% of Americans

suffer from irritability, anger, fatigue, and sleeplessness due to financial distress.

Your people work hard for their money. Isn’t it time you helped them think about how they spend it? Our product gives your employees positive reinforcement for saving money, rather than the instant gratification they get from spending it. We don’t just provide financial wellness advice, but tangible help for your employees to make progress with saving money today. Financially secure employees are happier, and happy people make more engaged, harder working employees.

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How to Engage Your Employees in 3 Simple Steps

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Heineken Employee Benefits Case Study

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See how Heineken used Reward Gateway to add a new benefit, and organize their already rich suite of employee benefits under a single flexible interface that works great on any device.

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We understand that happier people make harder-working, more engaged employees.

Share our vision for employee engagement. Watch our video if you want to make the world a happier place to work.

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Mcdonalds Employees Satisfied by Reward Gateway Employee Benefits Packages

“Our people tell us it is one of the things they value really strongly in their benefits package. It is a central pillar of how to engage employees.”

Jez Langhorn
HR Director, McDonald’s

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